Riva degli Schiavoni, Castello 4196, Venice, Italy 30122
Marriott Module 3 ~ Tier 3 Aloft

Two Centuries of Hospitality. Over Five Centuries of Heritage

Hotel Danieli 1822 - 2022


As a tribute to Hotel Danieli's 200 year legacy of hospitality which began on 24 October 1822, Hotel Danieli is celebrating this important anniversary with a year of events and activities, inspired by its rich heritage.

Accompany us along this evocative journey, travelling into the fascinating history of the palaces as we unveil stories and memories from the hotel's past, transforming them into engaging experiences to be enjoyed through a contemporary lens.

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Bicentennial Celebration Package
Offer Bicentenario

Bicentennial Celebration Package

Reserve your stay in one of the most legendary noble palaces in Venice and indulge in breathtaking views, heritage-inspired epicurean treats and concierge services. 

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Hotel Danielii Venice
Hotel Danieli
Discover the magnificence of Hotel Danieli, a magical storyteller of the city's historic grandeur and refined home to travelers and globetrotters.
Ristorante Terrazza Danieli Venice
A rich program of initiatives
Inspiring Celebrations
Journey through our 200-year legacy of architecture, art and glamour to unveil the heritage and culture of Venice's iconic emblem of hospitality.
Ristorante Terrazza Danieli Venice Old
Restaurant Terrazza Danieli
Epicurious Experiences
A culinary journey crossing two centuries of culture and tastes, curated by Executive Chef Alberto Fol & Samanta Cornaviera, Culinary Archeologist.