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JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

74-855 Country Club Drive · Palm Desert, California 92260 USA

Desert Springs Golf Club


Palm Course

Hole By Hole: Palm Course

Black Tees: Yardage 6,761 / Par 72 / Rating 72.3 / Slope 131

Blue Tees: Yardage 6,381 / Par 72 / Rating 70.5 / Slope 127

White Tees: Yardage 6,143 / Par 72 / Rating 69.4 / Slope 124

Red Tees: Yardage 5,492 / Par 72 / Rating 72.5 / Slope 130

Hole 1

Par 5, Handicap 13

Yardage: Black 528 / Blue 509 / White 496 / Red 447

Don't be distracted by the picturesque views of the resort and sprawling lake nestled alongside the first fairway as this relatively short par-5 allows for a great birdie opportunity on the opening hole. Aim your tee shot down the center of this gently undulating fairway to avoid the grouping of bunkers on the right and out of bounds to the left. Keep your second shot left of center to allow for a clear approach into the green.

Take note: There's a lake hidden from view lurking on the left side just short of the green, and a large greenside bunker to the right that will test your short-game skills.

Hole 10

Par 5, Handicap 8

Yardage: Black 542 / Blue 513 / White 495 / Red 457

The back nine opens with a sweeping dogleg left where positioning off the tee is key. Playing down the right side of the fairway is recommended to avoid the menacing bunker and trees on the left. Your second shot will play from a slightly elevated lie to a fairway that slopes from right to left. The approach shot requires a deft touch to a green that sits on an elevated perch well-guarded with bunkers.

Hole 2

Par 4, Handicap 7

Yardage: Black 392 / Blue 368 / White 351 / Red 312

You'll tee off over a large lake - but not to worry, get the ball airborne and it doesn't come into play. The fairway is wide open with a bunker that comes into play down the right side. Most of the challenge takes place around the green, where a lake with cascading waterfalls guards the left side and provides a gorgeous backdrop. Better to be a little short than long of the green as a bunker and out of bounds lurk just beyond the putting surface.

Hole 11

Par 4, Handicap 16

Yardage: Black 375 / Blue 357 / White 344 / Red 320

This shortish par 4 plays to a slightly elevated fairway and doglegs left with a green that rests near a stand of palm trees. Play down the right side of the fairway to avoid the palm trees and a large, spindly bunker on the left and to allow a clear view to the green on your approach. But don't go too far right because there's a red-staked environmental protection area that you can't see from the tee. The fairway slopes down and then rises up to a slightly elevated green that slopes from back to front.

Hole 3

Par 3, Handicap 15

Yardage: Black 162 / Blue 148 / White 138 / Red 127

Here you encounter the entrance to the resort and the shortest - and most daunting - hole on the course. A lake runs from tee to green and requires all carry to a slightly elevated putting surface with a rock wall guarding the front left side. Choose wisely when it comes to club selection - the hole plays slightly longer than the yardage indicates. Try and keep your tee shot below the hole as this multi-tiered green slopes heavily from back to front.

Hole 12

Par 3, Handicap 6

Yardage: Black 217 / Blue 184 / White 171 / Red 148

A lengthy par 3 that features plenty of palm trees and a large, deep bunker on the right as well as two greenside pot bunkers. Tee shots that end up short and left still have a chance at par with a good chip. The hole plays slightly downhill and therefore shorter in distance than on the card. Steer clear of the moguls leading up to the green or you'll be in for a bumpy ride.

Hole 4

Par 4, Handicap 17

Yardage: Black 330 / Blue 322 / White 312 / Red 280

This mischievous little par 4 features severe mogul-type mounding in front of the green that isn't visible from the tee. The key to par or birdie here is the position of your tee shot. Play down the right-center of the fairway while avoiding the strategically placed bunker because anything left off the tee will require a shot around or over a stand of palm trees. The green features three subtle tiers, so make sure your approach shot winds up on the proper portion.

Hole 13

Par 5, Handicap 10

Yardage: Black 529 / Blue 511 / White 501 / Red 439

This hole features a severe dogleg right that is framed with moguls down the left side of the fairway. Play conservatively left of center off the tee to avoid flirting with the dogleg as a bunker and palm trees guard the right side of the fairway, which features plateaus and valleys along the way. Play to the plateaus for the best vantage points. One of the more challenging approach shots await as a lake and large bunker guard the right side of the green.

Hole 5

Par 4, Handicap 1

Yardage: Black 429 / Blue 407 / White 395 / Red 358

Trouble awaits on this lengthy par 4 in the form of a stand of palm trees on the left side of the fairway. Keep your tee shot right of center in order to have a clear shot to the green, which is protected by a large bunker on the right and a pot bunker on the left. The approach shot plays to a slightly elevated green so anything short will roll back down into the grassy swale.

Hole 14

Par 4, Handicap 18

Yardage: Black 350 / Blue 340 / White 334 / Red 294

A short and tricky hole with unique undulation and mounding. The approach shot is slightly uphill to a green that is well-protected with two large bunkers and encircled with palms. Aim for the left center of the green here as approach shots that drift too far right of the green will roll back into the bunker.

Hole 6

Par 4, Handicap 9

Yardage: Black 366 / Blue 347 / White 333 / Red 320

A well-executed drive leaves a short approach to this interesting and challenging putting surface. There's a lake hidden from view down the right side of the fairway near the green that is reachable with a good tee shot. Stay left of center for the best approach. The green presents a challenge in the form of a large slope in the middle section, so if the pin is in the back, be sure to hit enough club. Accuracy and club selection is key here with the water hazard and a crescent-shaped bunker protecting the green.

Hole 15

Par 4, Handicap 12

Yardage: Black 373 / Blue 356 / White 339 / Red 308

The landing area is fairly generous, but there are two well-placed bunkers on the left and a large lake with cascading waterfalls that runs the length of the fairway. Position your drive down the right center for the best approach in. There's a lake hidden from view protecting the front and left part of the green. Any shots hit left of the green will be penalized.

Hole 7

Par 5, Handicap 3

Yardage: Black 575 / Blue 536 / White 525 / Red 472

The longest hole on the course also features a narrow landing area for your tee shot. The fairway slopes up and down and is guarded on the right with a fairway bunker in the landing zone. For your second shot, play down the right side of the fairway to avoid a spindly bunker and a host of palm trees on the left. Be sure to carry the swale in the fairway to the top of the plateau for a picturesque downhill shot to a green that is protected with five pot bunkers.

Hole 16

Par 4, Handicap 4

Yardage: Black 409 / Blue 397 / White 385 / Red 308

They don't call Ted Robinson Sr. the king of waterscapes for nothing and another stunning example awaits here. Water surrounds the tee and requires golfers to carry a lake to the fairway. Keep the ball down the middle as moguls on the left and a lake on the right present nothing but trouble. Water juts out into the fairway about 100 yards from the green on this hole that requires two well-struck and well-positioned shots for success.

Hole 8

Par 3, Handicap 5

Yardage: Black 186 / Blue 167 / White 155 / Red 136

This challenging par 3 plays slightly downhill, and the smallish, sloping green is flanked by large, steep-faced bunkers in front and to the right. Accuracy and proper club selection are key here.

Hole 17

Par 3, Handicap 14

Yardage: Black 160 / Blue 152 / White 139 / Red 115

Words can barely describe the beauty of this hole. It features several cascading waterfalls, rock outcroppings, and a rock wall in front of the island green completely surrounded by water. The most important decision here is club selection. Although it plays slightly downhill, it's all carry and there's very little margin for error. The front portion of the green also slopes severely from back to front.

Hole 9

Par 4, Handicap 11

Yardage: Black 415 / Blue 376 / White 357 / Red 319

The hole plays slightly uphill to a plateau fairway; position your ball down the left-center for the shortest route to the green. Take a little extra club for the approach as the green is slightly elevated and surrounded by bunkers and palm trees, which nearly encircle the green. Pick your target and trust your club selection.

Hole 18

Par 4, Handicap 2

Yardage: Black 423 / Blue 391 / White 373 / Red 332

A large lake protrudes in front of the tee and continues down the entire left side of the hole, jutting out into the fairway about 100 yards in front of the green. Playing to the center of the fairway off the tee is the safest route, while an aggressive drive down the left side leaves the shortest approach and best angle in. The front of the small green is wide open, allowing access to the pin. A large swale on the putting surface further adds to the complexity of this gorgeous finishing hole.

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