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The Shelbourne Hotel - History

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The Shelbourne Museum

Our new museum space has a carefully curated selection of objects, chosen in conjunction with the hotel by well-known historian Michael O'Sullivan, an expert on the history of The Shelbourne.


Visit The Shelbourne Museum

The museum is a commercial, political and social archive, not just of the hotel, but also of the surrounding city and countryside. The Shelbourne Hotel's museum contains stories from staff, guests and commentators, as well as menus, letters, articles and items that represent both the glamour and the tragedy of the history of the hotel's various eras.

Shelbourne Museum.

Historic Guest Registers

One of the intriguing items on view in the new museum at The Shelbourne is the hotel's guest registers, which can be accessed on request, allowing visitors to view their parents' first married signature, perhaps, on their honeymoon night!

Shelbourne Museum in Dublin.

Drafting the Irish Constitution

Learn about the drafting of the Irish Constitution, the most historic meeting held at The Shelbourne. A draft copy of the constitution resides in the museum.


Of The Shelbourne's 13 historic meeting rooms, the most famous is undoubtedly the Constitution Suite, where the Irish Constitution was drafted in 1922 under the leadership of Michael Collins. With its luxurious silk wall coverings, crystal chandelier and views over St. Stephen's Green, the Constitution Suite offers you the chance to create your own history in this very special room.

Drafting the Irish Constitution.

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