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Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

6000 West Osceola Parkway · Kissimmee, Florida 34746 USA

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Garden Club

Our popular Central Florida resort is known for its 4.5 acres of beautifully landscaped Kissimmee gardens. For guests who appreciate nature, we have created The Garden Club, a botanical experience like no other in Kissimmee. Come share your enthusiasm as you explore 500,000 plants and flowers growing in a majestic temperature-controlled atrium.

See What's Blooming This Season

Now through the end of September, you'll find Caladium bicolor in bloom in the Kissimmee gardens at Gaylord Palms Resort. Caladiums, as they're more commonly known, are native to South America and a member of the Araceae family - a group of colorful, tuberous flowering plants. Caladiums are grown as ornamental plants and are identified by their large heart-shaped leaves, earning them the nicknames Elephant Ears and Angel Wings. The flowers come in red, pink, chartreuse and green.

Want to grow Caladiums at home but worried about not having enough sunlight in your yard? No worries! Caladiums grow best in partial to full-shaded areas and require a moderate amount of water.

Schedule a Garden Tour

Our talented team of horticulturists invites you to tour the celebrated Kissimmee gardens at Gaylord Palms Resort. To make an appointment, contact our green-thumbed experts at

Culinary Herb Garden

See our spectacular herb garden located just outside of Villa de Flora, our Mediterranean-style buffet restaurant. You'll see 3 herb-growing methods you can use at home:

Container Gardening - Growing plants in containers allows you to bring outdoor herbs into your kitchen; basil, mint, sage, thyme and rosemary are ideal.

Raised-Bed Gardening - Raise the soil at least 6 inches off of the ground, contained within a frame. The soil warms more quickly when elevated, extending the growing season for colder climates. Gardeners can also compensate for poor soil quality and grow a greater variety of plants.

Using herbs as ornamentals - Many herbs offer decorative and medicinal benefits in addition to culinary uses: Aloe vera, for example, contains a gel that can relieve burns and help skin tissue heal. Enjoy a new selection of ornamental herbs each season.

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