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Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park

1717 Broadway · New York, New York 10019 USA

Innovative Design. Sustainable Amenities.

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Green & Sustainable

Honey bees have become long-term guests at Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park. Discover honey-sweetened hospitality as the urban hotel shares the buzz on the benefits of beekeeping and brags on its efforts to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Hive Hotels: Sustainability

An estimated one-third of our global food supply relies on the ecological services provided by honey bees. With the decline of these crucial pollinators, our food supply and ecosystem functions are at risk.


Hive hotels play a significant role within cities by supporting the health and life of honey bees and have become active and contributing members of the community through a critical ecosystem service.


The flying residents of Residence Inn live a staggering 723 feet above the ground on the 67th floor of the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere and occupy the highest hives known

to man.


These little workers spread awareness about important environmental issues in the heart of the city. Through the fostering of this small beekeeping enterprises, the urban hotel demonstrates the prioritization of community care

and responsibility.

Our Efforts: Environmental Responsibility

The buzz about our hotel goes beyond bees when it comes to environmental and social responsibilities.

We also:

  • Source food items such as ice cream, yogurt and milk from Ancramdale, New York-based Ronnybrook Farm Dairy.
  • Recycle waste vegetable oil into bio-diesel through a partnership with American By-Products Recyclers.
  • Reduce energy usage with keycards that change HVAC temperatures and lighting in guest rooms based on if travelers are present or away.
  • Use low-flow water devices.
  • Utilize motion sensors, LED and CFL lighting throughout the property.
  • Utilize motion sensors, LED and CFL lighting throughout the property.
  • Donate and recycles soap and shampoo to Clean The World, which then redistributes the products domestically and worldwide to areas in need of basic hygiene supplies, both domestically and worldwide.
  • Operate efficient mechanical and refrigeration systems.
  • Provide pens and paper made from recycled materials in all guest and meeting rooms.

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