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Art Ovation Hotel, Autograph Collection

1255 North Palm Avenue · Sarasota, Florida 34236 USA

Welcome to Art Ovation Hotel's Premier Art Exhibitions

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Through such expressions of the arts and artists, Art Ovation Hotel furthers its mission to serve the community as an active host, facilitator, patron and partner for the arts. With this and many, new and varied initiatives, an exciting palette of artistic opportunities and experiences are presented for the enrichment of our guests and our community.

Photographers from The White Rabbit, Germany

We invite you to tour our latest exhibition, Photographers from The White Rabbit, Germany. This installation features photographs by Ulrich Mannchen and Jan C. Schlegel, founding members of White Rabbit Collective from Nuremberg, Germany. The show features selections from three different series: Mannchen's "Portals - From Some Place Else" and "Lost Boys," and Schlegel's "Essence." Mannchen's portraits transport the viewers to dream-like worlds, bring back childhood memories, and stimulate the figment of our imagination while documenting a fascinating urban sub-culture. Schlegel's portraits depict tribal peoples photographed during his innumerable trips to Africa and Asia.

The exhibit runs through April 7, 2019.

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Cuban Art of the 1980s

The Reynardus Art Collection

We invite you to tour our latest exhibition, Cuban Art of the 1980s: The Reynardus Art Collection. This installation focuses on the artwork of Cuban artists who left the island after 1989 and represents a generation that changed Cuba's culture through its aesthetic practice. The collection reflects the vision of art collector Jorge Reynardus, a Cuban art lover who grew up in Cuba, but left in search of safer and better opportunities. "Cuban Art of the 1980s" serves as a testimony of a crucial time in Cuba's art history in the 1980s, but also to what it means to have a passion for art and live in exile. The exhibit runs through April 7, 2019.

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Alternative Realities

We invite you to tour our latest exhibition, created by Venezuelan artist, Jose Margulis. The sculptures and multi-dimensional artworks depict his artistic goal to "provoke emotions that induce a state of reflection through contemplation." These geometric optical pieces are made using color acrylic glass sheets with different levels of translucency, which are fixed to painted or printed surfaces, treating these three-dimensional pieces as light traps or secret blueprints. Since their designs can only be fully revealed by applying or "pouring" light into them, light becomes a sort of "ink" that reveals the design and produces multiple effects. The patterns change based on the viewer's perspective, which allows the work to look different depending on the location from which it is seen.

The exhibit runs through April 7, 2019.

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