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Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center

Event Spaces

The Principe Felipe Congress Center, located in Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel, offers complete service with 56 meeting rooms, the impressive Auditorium for up to 2,000 people, different options dedicated to food and beverage, 869 rooms and others such as free shuttle service, free wifi, Fitness Center and 1,000 parking places.

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Principe Felipe Congress Center

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Taking Care of You

Flexible galleries fulfill a variety of needs

-Four galleries of over 400 square meters each allow holding all kinds of exhibitions and, due to their size, can serve both coffee breaks or light cocktails at the same time.

-Galleries located in between the meeting rooms (including the Auditorium) enable the possibility of holding a conference in the Auditorium and afterwards visit the exhibition itself.

-It is also possible to combine several galleries with meeting rooms, whose total size can reach almost 1,400 square meters. It is even possible to use the meeting rooms entirely and leave the galleries for the catering service.

-The conference reception can also be used, if required by the event. Locate the main reception correctly greatly facilitates the registration of attendees at mass events, especially if you are going to deliver some documentation or gift.

29 Pillar-free Meeting Rooms on the Ground Floor

-10 Germany meeting rooms are ideal for small side meetings or for after the main meeting. Being in front of the Auditorium allows organizers to divide attendees into different working groups. Each can accommodate 100 people allowing panels to change and add space depending on the needs.

-Six France meeting rooms are used for meetings up to 150 people (each) or for intimate dinners or banquets up to 80 people.

-The three main England meeting rooms are extremely versatile: from 300 people up they can be used for large meetings, banquets or exhibitions with 1,000 square meters if used together.

-Venecia, Milán and Roma are part of our Italy meeting rooms. They offer endless possibilities for events, including lunch and dinner for up to 850 guests, one of the most popular options for these rooms.

Four Spacious, Adaptable Galleries

  • Auditorium Gallery
  • England-France Gallery
  • France-Madrid Gallery
  • Italy-Germany Gallery

-Recommended for hosting exhibitions, combining them with adjacent rooms. Many organizers like to host coffee breaks and cocktail services in the gallery, a separate environment for relaxing and socializing.

-Galleries are connected to the gallery that runs through the four blocks of the hotel. Two of them have natural light and can be paneled to add exclusivity and privacy to events.

-Perfect for the location of registration desks, hospitalities, stands, photocalls and any graphic element or sign. They provide secure accesses if the event should require it.

Impressive Auditorium

-Our auditorium can accommodate up to 2,000 attendees and offers modern technology.

-A large space with stage and auxiliary rooms (dressing rooms). The stage is accessible from the exterior and has a loading dock, specially adapted for bulky freight.

-Technical control booths, as well as simultaneous translation booths.

Natural Light on the Mezzanine Floor

-25 of our Spain rooms have a capacity of 30 people; Maqueda and Alcudia have a capacity of up to 60 people.

-Located on the mezzanine floor, with striking natural light and Wi-Fi access and a Cross Road Area perfect for the breaks between meetings and conferences.

-Very useful when you need to host several meetings or breakouts at the same time or even for holding examinations.

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