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Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

16 Saray El Gezira Street, Zamalek · Zamalek, 11211 Egypt

Saraya Gallery


About Saraya Gallery

The word Saraya is a Turkish word of Persian origin and it was commonly used in the Arabic languages as during the Ottoman Empire and when the ottomans ruled most of the arab countries and among them was Egypt, the word saray or saraya means the palace and it indicates how large and luxurious the palace is.

In course of time the word Saraya used to name luxurious large outlets and palaces. What made our Saraya Gallery restaurant worthy of that name is that it is truly a luxurious and exclusive outlet. The furniture in Saraya Gallery is remarkably luxurious and the decorations and interior design is starting from the fine marble floor covered by fine crafted carpets. On the wall you will enjoy viewing two large portraits of Napoleon and his wife Empress Eugenie who was guests of the Al Gezirah Palace. Saraya Gallery is a truly palatial French restaurant specializes in French cuisine.

Directions & Payments

Saraya Gallery restaurant is located on the ground floor of the palace.  You can access the Saraya Gallery restaurant through the main entrance right to the palace elevator then ground floor.  Saraya is also accessible through Zamalek entrance straight forward through the palace garden then left.  The hotel has 3 parking areas, Zamalek Parking which is the nearest to Saraya Gallery, Upper Parking and Gezira Parking, car parking is charged per hour.  Saraya Gallery is adjacent to JW Steakhouse and Ristorante Tuscany.

Dress code in Saraya Gallery Restaurant:  Smart Casual. Children must be accompanied by parents or adult. We accept the following credit cards:  Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Master Card.  We accept cash in local currency only. For your convenience, there are two banks inside the hotel, on the first floor, which are open 24 hours.

In house guests can charge the restaurant invoice to their room bill by signing on the invoice along with the room number. 12% service charges and is to be added to the invoice in cash of paying cash or by credit card and incase of charging the invoice to the room bill there will be another 10% sales tax to be added on top of the total invoice.

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