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Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel

4, Rue du Mont Thabor · Paris, 75001 France


  • +33-1-40 20 72 14


The menu at Balagan Restaurant features an ecletic pairing of foods that bring the cultures and lifestyles of the middle east to the heart of Paris.


A collection of playful Meze, Levantine Shish Barak, wood-grilled eggplant, sautéed calamari, grilled veal sweetbreads, Moroccan-Israeli artichoke ragout, festive Mansaf lamb, Jerusalem-style sea bass, couscous, Gormeh Sabzi. At all hours of the day, residents and tourists come with delight to immerse themselves in this inviting bazar of flavors originating from the amazing culinary richness of the Middle East.

Menu (PDF)


There is no doubt that the cosmopolitan Epicureans will take up residence in this new Eldorado, conceived for the pleasure of the senses, spilling even into the bar - an adjoining boudoir with surprising English accents - where the menu offers unprecedented creations such as the Algue Colada (Paratti cachaça infused with wakama and green coriander seeds, coconut, and lime and pineapple juice) or the Tomu (pisco infused with pink berries, yellow chartreuse, Saint Germain liqueur, pressed lime juice, Ginger Ale, and cardamom bitters), a reminder that the Experimental Group's bartenders are among the greatest masters of the Parisian cocktail.

Drink Menu (PDF)

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