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Dust Cutter

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Experience the charm and style of Dust Cutter, our hotel's acclaimed restaurant and bar in downtown Phoenix. Once known as a strong cocktail that could cut the dust from your tongue, Dust Cutter is our modern urban saloon with innovative menus and a charmingly bold attitude.

Dust Cutter is located in the lobby of Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel and is open daily, 11am - late!



Dust Cutter is a modern take on cowboy culture, slang and life in The Southwest. Dust Cutter's open plan invites interaction between the bar, the hotel lobby and the street, inviting locals and hotel guests alike to come together in downtown Phoenix.

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A large-scale custom bench, proportioned to the exact detail of a clothespin, sits at the entry to the new bar. While it is a "working" clothespin, it has been latched to secure it from patrons playing "see-saw" after a few curiously-crafted cocktails. The large sepia-toned mural of a cowboy hat sitting on a metal rail was coincidentally taken by a local East Valley photographer, serving as another reminder of our partnership with local Phoenix culture and craftmanship.

The feature wall, called The Cabinet of Cocktail Curiosities, includes concrete wall finishes with a diamond mesh fence and a three-panel vintage Old English screen, found in a local curiosity shop of antiquities. The modern, angled braces on the front of the shelves mimic a barn.

Large over-scaled spurs hang from the over-scaled railroad beams above, suspended on a frayed rope and an eyebolt detail. These spurs were made custom from a shop in Old Town Scottsdale.

A large, custom "Post and Perch" table, made from a Live Edgett tree from the edwoods, is 15-feet long, and includes barstools to sit, or an iron foot rail to perch while sipping a crafted masterpiece. Above the table are five light fixtures, with large gold construction clamps, which are suspended and juxtaposed at various random angles, solidifying the casual yet confident mood of the downtown Phoenix establishment.

The Tenderfoot Corral flanks one end of Dust Cutter by the garage door openings. The other Corner, called Jimmy-Crack Corner, hosts an intimate setting and includes vintage Cowboy accessories, such as Buffalo Chaps, Silver Bridles originally owned by Bill Tull and an iconic local Architect of Southwestern masterpiece homes, which are all mounted on barn wood that has been laid in a herringbone pattern.

A 25-foot long Urban Fireplace sits at the center of the bar and opens to the exterior and the interior. Flames nested in a streamlined bed of local river rock create a modern campfire to snuggle up to and bask in the warmth of the embers. Large, custom iron logs create a sculpture at the center, mimicking a roaring blaze.

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