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High Velocity




"We emphasize freshness and home-made" says Food & Beverage Director Jaden Sheive. "We make everything - chicken fingers, tortilla chips, even the bread for croutons - it's all from scratch."

High Velocity Menu (PDF)


What ball park has two dozen beers on tap? A local brew like citrusy Firemans #4 from Blanco's Real Ale Brewing Company was made for washing down our Fish Tacos, with shredded cabbage and spicy chipotle ranch dressing. A crisp Alamo Golden Ale adds the perfect finish to the Green Chili Poblano, 100% Angus beef grilled with roasted poblano, topped with bacon, Chihuahua cheese, roasted poblano, lettuce, tomato and Jalapeno Mayo.


You've always wanted to be in the game. At High Velocity the coach may not call you out of the stands (the way he does in your dreams), but the 120-foot wrap-around screen, scrolling scoreboard, and wall of high-def TVs will put you in the center of the action.

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