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Princeton Marriott at Forrestal

100 College Road East · Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA



Inspiration for menus at Iron & Ivy comes from the demanding appetites of those who dine here. Traditional fare with a twist of this or a sprinkle of that, amazing local ingredients and the desire to create only the finest for our guests are the defining factors of our signature restaurant and pub.


Our breakfast menu was inspired by what our guests like to eat, a play on classic dishes jazzed up to be a little different but not too eclectic and, of course, as local as possible. Breakfast favorites include Shibumi Farm Mushrooms, New York Bakery Bagels, Coach Farm Goat Cheese and Nobel Star Ranch Bacon. Our best breakfast seller is Avocado Toast, using local tomatoes, micro basil and local bread to create a beautiful dish and our most popular.

Lunch and Dinner

The Lunch and Dinner menu comes from a much different place. The food is simple, focusing on the natural flavors of fresh, local, transparent, hand nurtured items, be it a cheese, vegetable or animal. Never masking flavors with too many hard spices or herbs, we acknowledge that many of these dishes have very few ingredients and believe in utilizing the best and most flavorful ingredients when creating menus for Iron & Ivy. Some of the most popular local ingredients used include: la quercia prosciutto (an American prosciutto), Coach Farm Goat Cheese, Romanesco, Shibumi Farm Mushrooms and Adarondac Cheddar Cheese. Salmon comes from Sea to Table, a local sustainable fishing establishment, which allows us to know the name of the dock, boat and captain responsible for the catch. House made items include: Sweet n Hot Pickles, French Fries, Roma pizza sauce, pizza dough, house smoked Mozzarella, tomato gastric, meatballs and basil oil. All vegetables and meats are brought in fresh daily as chefs strive to maintain a simple, but not mundane menu focused on highlighting the flavors, not muting them.

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