At the Renaissance Asheville, guests are free to walk around with no stingers involved.  The hotel is home to two honeybee hives that produce their own supply of local organic honey. They also have a pollinator garden that are designed to attract bees, feature milkweed and black-eyed Susan flowers on-site.  


Renaissance Asheville is a long-time supporter of pollinators, hosting the annual Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest each June in honor of Pollinator Month. Every year, the Center for Honeybee Research invites beekeepers to enter their honey in a tasting contest. While many honey contests are judged based on a variety of criteria including clarity, moisture, and foam, the Black Jar relies solely on taste. Jars of honey are wrapped in black cloth and tasted over a variety of preliminary rounds, culminating in the final event held at the Renaissance Asheville.