Marriott Module 3 ~ Tier 3 Aloft

Unlocking Venetian Craft

Venice has been a city of artisans and high craftsmanship since the medieval times and remains a time capsule of the rich tradition of a variety of crafts with their own storied histories, with techniques being passed down from generation to generation. 

Though its famous and influential craft guilds may be things of the past, its artisanal soul still thrives, and modern artisans are continuing the tradition and innovating on the well trodden practices that earned the city its fascinating legacy. The Gritti Palace, a hotel steeped in its own history and lore owes much to Venice's artisans, with much of its art and artefacts having been restored by local artisans, wishes to champion these current guardians of ancient crafts starting with six who continue to contribute to Venice's artisanal story

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Artisan Craft Venice
Refined Wraps
Weavers and tailor
Explore the dexterity, flair and creativity of the Masters of fabric.
Artisan Craft Venice Gritti Palace
Indenting Emotions
Printers and Bookbinder
Find out how expert masters imprint treasured memories on everlasting memory.
Artisan Craft Venice Palace
Golden Allure
Goldbeater and Jewellers
Observe how Masters transform gold and precious stones in their hands and from the raw metal small works of art take shape to wear.
Artisan Craft Venice Gritti Palace 1
Woodgrain Designs
Remeri and Woodcarver
Admire the art of extracting the desired shape from the raw log by observing and listening to the grain of the wood.
Artefact Artisan Craft Venice
Treasured Tesserae
Discover how the glass tiles take on a thousand shades of different colors and how, by combining them, they create wonderful works.
Olbi Artisan Craft Venice
Authentic Experiences
Unlock the Craft
Visits the studios or disclose your potential with an exclusive workshop.