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The Spa

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

265 Peachtree Center Avenue · Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA

The Spa


All of our massage treatments begin with an aromatherapy sensory journey experience and a foot exfoliation to improve the body's physical and emotional balance. Your choice of aromatic essential oils will be combined with your massage to increase relaxation, improve mood, and decrease stress and anxiety.


Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

($120/50 minutes or $168/80 minutes)

Long comforting strokes of light to medium pressure to improve circulation and ease muscle tension.

Medley Massage

($132/50 minutes or $180/80 minutes)

Create a customized full body massage just for your needs, with a combination of deeper pressure and Swedish techniques for complete relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

($144/50 minutes or $192/80 minutes)

Deep pressure to target specific muscle groups to release tension, improve flexibility, and enhance physical performance and promote healing.

Hot Stone Massage

($144/50 minutes or $192/80 minutes)

This full body massage utilizes basalt stones for a profoundly calm and unique experience. The combination of hand and stone massage, heated stone placement and pressure opens pathways and improves circulation.

Pregnancy Massage

($144/50 minutes)

Nurture yourself and baby as our massage therapist provides a variety of techniques to pamper and praise your changing body. Special attention is given to the back and pelvic areas assisting in realignment due to the bundle of joy being carried.

Couples Massage

($300/50 minutes or $396/80 minutes)

Room for two! Your very own beautifully appointed private spa room for you and another. The couple encourages unity and connection.

Choose from light, medium or deep pressure.

Other Massage Treatments

  • Scalp Massage, $36
  • Hot Stones Add-On, $25

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