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The Spa At Grande Vista

Marriott's Grande Vista

5925 Avenida Vista · Orlando, Florida 32821 USA

The Spa At Grande Vista

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Phone: 1-407-238-3005

Body Treatments

Invigorate your body to achieve an overall sense of well-being with an array of nourishing and enlivening body treatments. Our body treatments use natural ingredients that will rejuvenate your senses and enhance all skin types.

Hydrating Body Wrap

50 minutes - $135


A splendid moisturizing body wrap combining the healing properties of aloe vera, the remineralizing and nourishing benefits of algae, and the soothing properties of lavender. Includes a luxurious scalp and neck massage and a foot massage with alpine foot balm.

Indulgence Wrap

50 minutes - $130


A totally relaxing and nourishing skin treatment beginning with a loofah exfoliation to remove dry skin. Your spa therapist will then combine our exclusive PINO Soft & Silky Body Cream with a PINO aromatherapy body oil blend chosen just for you, professionally apply it to the skin, and wrap you for maximum effect while performing your choice of a soothing foot or scalp massage.

Whey Body Scrub

50 minutes - $125


A gentle yet deeply relaxing exfoliation utilizing the benefits of whey protein, goat's milk and coconut to nourish the skin with needed vitamins, minerals, proteins and lipids. After your scrub, an application of our exclusive PINO blended oils helps moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Total Bliss Body Treatment

80 minutes - $160


This purely indulgent treatment begins with a deep exfoliation to cleanse and purify the skin followed by a full body massage with the warm essential oils of a PINO aroma candle which has been melted especially for you. PINO aroma candles also contain coconut oil which is particularly nourishing and hydrating after your skin treatment.

Grande Vista Experience

80 minutes - $165


An energizing ritual that blends the therapeutic benefits of thermal minerals with essential oils, leaving the body relaxed and revitalized. The treatment begins with deep skin exfoliation followed by an essential oil wrap and full body massage.

What is PINO?

PINO has been developing spa products and therapy concepts throughout Europe since 1904. PINO Natural Spa Therapy products are made with all-natural ingredients which are up to 95% organic and never tested on animals.

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