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Oriental Spa

JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City Santa Fe

Avenida Santa Fe 160 · Col Santa Fe, Mexico City 01219 Mexico

Oriental Spa

  • Appointment is Required

Body Treatments


Deep Cleaning Back Treatment

All the benefits of a deep cleansing facial performed on the back that includes cleansing, a massage and skin exfoliation.


50 minutes - From $67 USD


Celuctor Spa

An anti-cellulite treatment and massage that works in a selective way on fat deposits while helping to eliminate water retained by the dermis and toxic residue that accumulates in skin tissue.


50 minutes - From $82 USD


Reafirminne Spa

This treatment is ideal for dealing with flaccid breasts, abdomens, buttocks, inner thighs and inner arms and also helps prevent stretch marks.


50 minutes - From $119 USD


Call 01-800-224-6688 or 1-855-5279-6250

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  • Full Face - from $26 USD
  • Beard - from $14 USD
  • Upper Lip - from 14 USD
  • Eye Brows - $19 USD
  • Shoulders - $19 USD
  • Arm - from $26 USD
  • Bikini - from $37 USD
  • Thigh - from 30 USD
  • Half Leg - from $30 USD
  • Full leg - from $52 USD
  • Belly - from $19 USD
  • Chest - from $30 USD
  • Back - from $45 USD
  • Arm Pit - from $19 USD


In the rituals offered we use products that have been specially developed for Oriental Spa. These contain natural extracts that bring you into closer contact with nature and this in turn acts as curative energy based on wellbeing.


Moon Bath Ritual

Raises energy and makes the skin feel fresh. It begins with exfoliation and includes a neck and back massage.


50 minutes - from $75 USD


Zen Bath Ritual

Complete wellbeing for the mind and body. The ritual begins with a body wrap of thermal mud and a scalp massage and ends with a vigorous shower.


50 minutes - from $90 USD


Ananda Ritual

In this feast for the senses you can choose from a range of 6 flavors (chocolate, coffee, green tea, strawberry, maracuyá [passion fruit] and ginger) and experience a deep sense of relaxation, balance and harmony.


90 minutes - from $135 USD

120 minutes - from $163 USD

180 minutes - from $200 USD


Thai Herbal Ritual

Purifies and harmonizes the senses. A relaxing facial and body massage using herbal pindas (poultices) made in Thailand.


90 minutes - from $135 USD


Lotus Magic Ritual

Synchronize with your partner during a massage that uses relaxing Ayurvedic essences.


50 minutes - from $180 USD for 2 people

Manicure and Pedicure

  • Classic Manicure: 40 minutes - from $20 USD
  • Classic Pedicure: 40 minutes - from $28 USD
  • Spa Manicure: 60 minutes - from $27 USD
  • Spa Pedicure: 60 minutes - from $41 USD
  • Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure: 90 minutes - from $70 USD

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