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The Spa at Camelback Inn

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At The Spa at Camelback Inn you have access to the latest exercise equipment in the onsite fitness facility, and expert-led classes. The Spa at Camelback Inn also offers personal training services in eight different disciplines. With such a focus on health and fitness, you'll leave feeling not only relaxed, but also ready to take on whatever life sends your way.


Personal Training Services

Personal Training

Monday - Friday
1 session (60 Minutes) - $75

Saturday - Sunday 
1 session (60 Minutes) - $85


A safe and effective whole body workout using the Pilates Reformer. This method develops a strong core and helps to create postural awareness. Appropriate for any age, body type or fitness level.

Monday - Friday
1 session (60 Minutes) - $85

Saturday - Sunday 
1 session (60 Minutes) - $95

Assisted Stretching

Loosen up before a round of golf or after a hard workout! Designed to enhance your stretching experience and increase your range of motion. Notes: *Please arrive warmed up.

Monday - Friday 
30 minutes / $50

Saturday - Sunday
30 minutes/$60

One on One's

Let our fitness specialists guide you through programs for your specific interests. Each workout includes a take-home packet of related exercises.

Core Conditioning

Exercises designed to improve the strength and flexibility of your CORE (abdominals and lower back muscles). Prescribed exercises will include the use of therapy balls and other basic fitness equipment, which will help to improve lower back flexibility and overall core strength.

Traveler's Workout

Designed for the frequent traveler, this program will teach you how to execute a full strength training workout in your hotel room with minimal equipment. Special attention is placed on road-weary muscles.


Are your muscles tight from working out or sitting at the computer all day? Learn proper technique and a whole-body stretching routine.

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Personal Training Classes

Please refer to our current exercise class schedule. We feature a variety of classes including Mat Pilates, Yoga and Meditation, as well as our popular morning Powerwalk. Seasonal classes may vary.

Be sure to try some of our new classes below:


The latest fitness dance craze. This class combines a fusion of Latin music with unique dance moves and combinations. Its fun, it's easy. Join the party!


A full-body workout that will strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Utilizing the barre to isolate muscle groups, this challenging ballet-based class will increase your stamina and improve balance and posture.


Combining Ballet and Cardio exercises, we offer you a class that will have a direct positive effect on muscular endurance, and an indirect effect on strength and flexibility. Doing plié squats, ballet jumps, and spins uses your own body weight to strengthen your core and lower body and the precise movements improve motor skills and balance as it involves static and dynamic stretching, combined with cardio fitness which increases metabolism.


Take body sculpting to the next level. Sculpt and tone your muscles from head to toe using multiple forms of fitness equipment, followed by relaxation for the mind & body and a cool down stretch.


Join us for our foam roller exercise class has been specifically designed to improve flexibility, reduce muscular stiffness, speed up recovery, improve your flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries.

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