Renaissance Aruba Weddings

Lost in the clichés is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that lies in front of you. This is your wedding day and it can be every bit as special as you want it to be.

Just past the chapel that looks like every other, beyond the decorations that can be found at most receptions, quietly hidden along the beaches of our private island, there is a destination unlike anywhere else. Discover everything that your wedding can be at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

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The Perfect Oasis In Aruba
Our Hotel

The Perfect Oasis In Aruba

Discover a destination whose white sand shores set the stage for an unforgettable private island experience.

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Wedding locations
Take a look at our precious scenic spots for you to enjoy the perfect wedding.
Special Deals
Our customer packages offer an array of picture-perfect pleasures, make sure to check them out.
Food & Beverage Options
Allow our talented culinary staff to customize your perfect reception.