With Parkhurst Dining, you will enjoy premium, made-from-scratch food and flavors that are handcrafted and personally designed by Parkhurst's chefs. Have your choice of a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals, featuring local and sustainable foods, build-your-own meal concepts and special options for every diet. We're excited for you to enjoy Parkhurst's food that is alive with flavor and nutrition, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients!


Banquet Room Minimum Revenue

A food and beverage minimum requirement for our banquet room will apply to book your wedding or reception. The minimum is prior to tax and service charge. It is determined based upon the event venues you require or a minimum package price per person. This minimum may vary based upon the day of the week and date of interest.


Only your selected wedding package and any additional food and beverage items ordered through the hotel will apply.



All pricing provided is prior to a taxable service charge (currently 20%) and sales tax (currently 7%). Sales tax and service charge are subject to change. Menu pricing is subject to an annual increase.